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Kilbannon, Tuam, Co. Galway

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Professional Arborist and Tree Surgeon providing environmental tree care & woodland management services locally.

Service Details

Felling /Dismantling

Cutting trees in urban environments normally requires climbing them and removing them piece by piece.  All that is left is a stump, which we can have ground out if you require.

Crown Reducing

The cutting back of branches to reduce the size of the crown to a more compact size whilst retaining its natural shape. Represented as a percentage, not normally more the 30%.


Hard pruning involving the removal of all or nearly all of a trees branches. This method of pruning is only suitable for some species of tree

Crown Lift

The removal of lower branches to prevent obstruction and to admit more light.  Represented as a height in metres above the ground, i.e. 4m lift.

Crown Thin

The thinning out of selected branches within the crown of a tree to admit more light. Expressed as a percentage to be removed, i.e. 15%.


 Deadwood/ Crown Clean 

The removal of dead, diseased and rubbing branches from the tree. For aesthetic reasons as well as safety. This reduces the risk of wood falling, causing damage to cars, property etc .



We can source a variety of trees of all different sizes, plant, stake and mulch them.  Giving them the best chance for long healthy life.



We can trim and reduce all sizes and heights of hedge and are up to date with the new high hedge legislation.


Stump Grinding

Once felled the stumps can be ground out.


Site Clearance

We can carry out all site clearance duties from large to small areas.


Woodland Management

We can manage your woodland to how you desire whether it is for conservation, timber, public access or amenity. These services include Woodland track clearance & creation, Coppicing, Felling & Thinning, Clearing Rhododendron & Laurel, erecting Gates, styles & Fencing.


Habitat Creation

We can enhance existing habitats, create new habitat from standing to Aerial dead wood.


Veteran Tree Management  

We can manage your veteran trees using such techniques as retrenchment pruning, which is aimed to form a smaller crown for the declining tree to support. We can also use such techniques as fracture retrenchment pruning this involved retrenching the tree using coronet cuts which are pruning methods that are used to mimic the way that tears and fractured ends naturally occur on trunks and branches

NPTC Qualified Workforce Safe Pass
City & Guilds
Green Man Tree Standards Health & Safety Authority
International Year Of Forests

Dip Countryside Management, City & Guilds Arboriculture & Horticulture II, NPTC, Safe Pass, Green Man Tree Standards

All work carried out to British Standards BS3998

British Standards BS3998
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